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Saturday, April 21, 2012

iPhone controlled Scanomat Coffee Faucet

This Coffee Faucet machine isScanomat's largest bean-to-cup machine. Unlike other coffee machines, this has got the focus on energy saving, uncompromising coffee quality and user friendliness. Brew unit that can be removed in seconds for cleaning & maintenance. It has a unique adjustable tamper system that may compete with leading Baristas. Speedy high volume serving: 6 cups in 20 seconds, 5 cups of instant coffee and 1 ground coffee. 3 heaters, built-in water tank of 5 litres – used whenever high volume carafe serving is required. The smallest milk foaming device yet seen, developed by Scanomat. The milk is kept cooled until it reaches the frother ensuring freshness and excellent hygiene.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Concept Futuristic iPhone.

Dream and reality! Will it be in the near future. But really want to make this concept really became a reality. We have seen laser keyboards existing for a couple of years now, but sadly they were never a true solution for everyone due to their lack of precision. . What we have right here is a device with a holographic interface and what looks like a projector. Since Apple recently patented a pico projector and bought the domain, it’s only a matter of time till we’ll see iPhones with projectors inside and capable of projecting holograms for interface. Even if this is a dream at the moment, but iPhone 5 concept will be.